We're Rotor Image. We fly drones or as we like to call them UAV's fitted with very high quality cameras to make amazing aerial film footage suitable for use on the web, TV and cinema!


All of our pilots are CAA approved and BUNC-S certified ensuring the highest standards in safety and operation. UAV Aerial photography projects include pre-deployment and on-site surveys to ensure the safe deployment of the camera platforms.


We operate as a 2 man team to ensure a greater level of quality and safety and are covered with £5m public liability insurance.


We can put our UAV's into places that have previously been the domain of full sized helicopters enabling you to get that amazing aerial shot at a fraction of the cost.


What We Offer


  • We are professional UAV aerial video and photography specialists
  • We are CAA approved to do commercial UAV aerial photography work using remotely piloted aerial systems within the UK
  • We can fly up to 400 feet above ground level
  • Footage is transmitted real-time back to our ground station for monitoring by pilot / client
  • Quick set up. No need for booms or dollies

Our Equipment

We operate the professional DJI S1000 which is one of the most stable aerial platforms currently on the market, able to fly in fairly  challenging weather.  The drone’s legs retract out of the way enabling us to pan our cameras through 360 degrees to capture that perfect shot. Along with the very best in gimbals and HD cameras we can obtain unbelievably smooth footage and crisp still shots over the most demanding of terrains. Live video is streamed back to the ground station monitor and pilot’s flight console in real time so that the pilot and client can monitor exactly what the high-level camera is capturing. We have a smaller quad-copter with GoPro camera for use in tighter environments or even indoors.


The camera we use on the S1000 rig shown is the Nikon D800 or Canon 7D giving us fantastic high resolution still images and clean sharp broadcast standard video.


Rotor Image also has full design & video editing capabilities.

Some of Our Clients

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BUNC-S qualified and fully insured with public liability, Permissions granted for aerial work by the CAA.

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